Bringing Thai Wednesdays to Middleburg, VA!

First, let me apologize to my friends and clients who don't live in Middleburg or nearby but I've started something really fun and handy for those who do.

It started only last month when my good and clever friend, Brooke Myatt, suggested I start providing Thai dinners for busy working folks in Middleburg. So I sent out a few emails to my local friends and businesses and several people took me up on my offer for the first Wednesday. I served a favorite soup of mine, chicken soup with coconut, fresh herbs and turmeric.

The following Wednesday, I offered Thai beef waterfall salad and sticky rice, and I had twice as many requests for delivery.

I had a request from Above Green, (a local Middleburg business who has been a great support in this new endeavor) for green curry chicken with fried basil. I put the word out and the orders kept coming in.

Yesterday, my clientele grew again with my special pineapple fried rice topped with either home-smoked candied pork belly or shrimp.

I'm thinking about a chu chee curry seafood for next Wednesday. I'm open to suggestions, so please feel free to comment and request. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support,'re awesome! I'm having fun feeding you and I hope it helps you spend more time with your family after work and less time in the kitchen. : )

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