Bai Bai, Chiang Mai

We've loved spending time in Chiang Mai! This ancient city is surrounded by crumbling walls and a moat, one kilometer square and filled with the all the life and color of any other Thai city but with a slightly slower pace. Lots of foreigners have moved here for the low cost of living and the fast wifi, enabling them to work remotely. Coffee shops abound for this reason, but we were here for the food.

One of the specialties of this region is Gang Hung Lei, a milder, sweeter curry which migrated from Burma 100’s of years ago. Of course, Chiang Mai has made it it’s own.

One of my missions on this trip was to explore some of the best Thai drinks. We have not been disappointed. One of the most refreshing is the Thai lemon tea (bringing this one back for summer!). We call it Thai Arnold Palmer. As they say… Same, same, but different.

And don’t even get me started on their version of the Thai mojito.

I have a new soup to introduce too. Mama’s Tom Yum. One of my favorites but I’ve learned some new tricks on how to make it even better now.

I’m getting excited to get home and get cooking! See you all soon!

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