Moo means Pork, of course!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

My recent trip to Thailand was totally inspirational and reinvigorating and I can't wait to cook for you all this Wednesday!

This week I'm woking up an egg fried rice with an abundance of Thai herbs and crispy pork. Khao Phad Moo Grop Samun Pai, to be exact!

Khao (pronounced cow)= rice

Phad = stirfry

Moo = pork

Grop = crispy

Samun Pai = mixed herbs

Want some of this goodness? Sign up on or email me at heather@sweethomethai as soon as possible and this Tuesday evening at the latest.

Not a "moo" eater? Just specify on your order "no pork" and I'll double up on the herbs and rice. Don't like it spicy? I'm serving spice on the side, so you decide. I'm looking forward to seeing you all this Wednesday!

This girl's got to make a living so I've increased my prices by $1 p/portion. I hope you all understand. I'm trying to keep the price low but want to serve dishes that are fresh and full of herbs, proteins and vegetables. $12 p/portion.

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