Chop the Ginger, Mama Mama, Take me home, Country roads.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Title of this weeks blog is credited to my Thai mentor, Roongfah, who sang this every day during training to the tune of Country Roads by John Denver. I'm going back to my southern roots this week but mixing it up with southern Thailand too. And a little Malay who stole the bread (roti) from India. It's confusing, but delicious!

Yellow Curry Pulled Pork with Cucumber Relish & Thai Slaw.

This Wednesday, I'll have a small amount available with pulled chicken instead of pork (I know I have some pork avoiders out there). Please specify if you prefer chicken. Otherwise it will be served as pulled pork.

$12 p/portion

Get your orders in early to to avoid the Wednesday blues.

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