It's heating up in here...and out there!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This week, homemade Chuu Chee Talay! Talay means seafood (shrimp and calamari for Wednesday, the curry paste also contains shrimp paste so unfortunately I can't accommodate food allergies this week) and Chuu Chee is, of course, the sound the home-made curry paste makes when it hits the hot wok. Its has flavors of seafood, coconut cream, thai basil, lemongrass and galangal. I'm serving it with everyone's favorite Coconut Rice. It's got a kick to it so please specify if you prefer medium spicy or full-throttle.

With the weather warming up, I'm definitely going to have to hand your meal over to an actual person. Once the dinner is in their hands, they can accept responsibility for the safety of the dish and either hand it off to you or refrigerate it. I've thought about other options, but I don't feel comfortable leaving meals unattended on doors or even in coolers. It can get really hot out there. I want to make sure your meal gets to you fresh and safe. I also want to get to everyone on time, so please leave payment with someone if you may be running late. I have a tight delivery schedule and any wait time causes a pile-up of delays for everyone.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support!

Email: heather@sweethomethai with your order for this Wednesday

$12 p/portion

Specify delivery time: 3:ish or 5:ish and location in Middleburg

I will always let you know if I've received your order

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