Sweet Home Thai is Making the Leap!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Sweet Home Thai is finally making a move to the big time! It's been a journey getting here; up some mountains, through a couple of storms and down a few dark alleys (literally) but I think I'm starting to get my business model figured out. Here it is... I'm going to to EVERYTHING!! Because I can.

I found an innovative new place called Chefscape in Leesburg (only 30 minutes up the road from me). I tell you, I signed up on the spot! I've never seen or heard of anywhere else like it.

It's a chef's collaborative, incubator kitchen located in one of those new, pre fab villages with side walks, plenty of parking, Wegman's, a movie theatre, etc. Chefscape has taken over a 16,000 sq foot space that will include:

~ a great bar open to the public with an open-plan, rotating food court where companies can try out their new restaurant concepts

~ a boutique marketplace where you can purchase locally made products

~ a huge commercial teaching kitchen (yeay!)

~ a unique tasting room

~ an event room

~ pop-up restaurants

~ even live music!

I'm hoping to do some teaching in the beautiful, state of the art teaching kitchen, amp up my catering and even bottle some of my famous blue tea and dipping sauces for sale in their market! Stay tuned soon for more on all of this.

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