Cooking Camp Kick Off!

Sweet Home Cooking Camp got off to a great start yesterday with a full group of future chefs! They came in eager to learn and ready to cook.

But first we completed our training in kitchen hygiene, rules and knife safety where they all passed with flying colors and earned their certificates. Sweet Home Cooking Camp survived it's first day with NO injuries (whew!). The campers all decorated their aprons.

Our second order of business was to assemble our quick Ice Cream Sandwich Cakes. Even in the chilly teaching kitchen, it was a true race against time. I think we took about 6 minutes from start to finish. A record to prepare 12 cakes, I think. This is why I didn't get any photos of this.

Moving on to the Chicken Pot Pie...everything was prepped and ready to go. Chef Heather was totally on schedule...and then, with all the induction burners on med-high, we blew a fuse and lost power to our burners. Adjustments were made and everyone finally got their pies cooling on the table, ready for the puff pastry.

We had a fun tasting of nuts, fruits and cheeses so the kids could all choose the ingredients to go on their Spinach Salads. Even the picky eaters (yes, we have a few in cooking camp) went out of their comfort zone and tried items they hadn't tried before. Lexie even tried the Gorgonzola (she's not a fan). A home-made dressing was prepared by each team and divided to take home.

Everything was packed up in coolers and the campers were ready to go home and present dinner to their families. On the drive home, my daughter Felicity said, "At volleyball camp my body was tired but after this camp, my brain is tired". Mission accomplished. Looking forward to DAY 2.

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