Cooking Camp Day 3...Different Summer Dishes

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This was sort of our "BBQ Day" with dishes geared toward summer. We began the day making a shortbread biscuit for our Berry Cobbler. This was a mess but the kids loved doing some baking.

Then on to our BBQ sauce. I taught the campers how to make a basic BBQ sauce and then challenged them to make it their own using any of the ingredients on the table.

They tasted as they went and finally presented their sauce in a blind tasting to all their fellow campers and any chefs I could grab off the floor at ChefScape.

Everyone voted and it was close but Team Feethand (a combination of Fee and Ethan) won the prize. Thanks to Sterling Restaurant Supply, Rocket Fizz and Bowlero for their contributions and support. Camp Counselor Fayed, a.k.a, Fuego, announced and presented the prizes.

Best part of the day is when Chef Vanessa from Rooted and Bloomed came in to share a little history of Hawaiin cuisine with the class and teach us how to make a famous Hawaiian snack: Spam Musubi

We made a beautiful Thai dressing and slaw (didn't get any pics of this) to go along with our BBQ chicken to be cooked later that day at the campers homes.

And there ya go...the end to another fabulous Camp day! Layla cut her finger (nothing serious) while placing her knife back in it's protective sleeve so we're back to Day 1 for an injury free work zone tomorrow.

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