Sweet Home Cooking Camp, Day 4: Blondies, Baguettes, Butter and Bolognese. B-Day

Hello Day 4! We jumped right in making Blondies with chocolate chips. I don't know how I didn't get pictures of the final product but they came out perfectly.

While the Blondies cooked we had a Blind Tasting Competition. We put together a tray of smells and tastes ranging from fish sauce to caramel. The kids loved it and the winning team received free bowling passes from Bowlero.

We made Caesar Salad dressing from scratch and then a salad to take home for later.

I picked some fresh herbs from my garden and they all got a chance to identify the herbs and select their own assortment for some home-made herb butter. They then got a lesson on how to bake a baguette in order to get it crispy on the outside and warm and moist on the inside. They all loved getting a taste of the warm baguette with the herb butter.

As time ran away with our day, we tried to complete our Bolognese sauce but our induction burners were slow cooking. We made adjustments and my campers went home to finish up their Bolognese sauce, like good little chefs. Came out great at my house! Hope it did for everyone else.

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