New Thai Wednesday! February 19, 2020

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Are you waiting with baited (cilantro) breath for your next Thai Wednesday menu? Well, first, I hope you enjoyed last week's surprise, Iced Butterfly Pea Tea. Can you believe that all natural color? And the purple color change? It's all about the ph, baby!

Also, it's a tie on which you guys liked best. Either the Drunken Noodles and Thai Basil Chicken or the Thai "Ceviche" Lettuce Wraps. Thanks for all the great feedback! (I'm on Yelp, BTW)

OK, so here we go for February 19th...

I can't believe I'm 5 weeks in and haven't made you all Red Curry with Beef or Fried Tofu. This dish is combined with grape tomatoes, pineapple and, yes, grapes! The sweetness of the fruit plays so well with the spiciness of the curry. I'm toning the spice down to suit and as always will add Thai chilies on the side for you spice lovers to add for your own personal spice level.

This will be served with Thai Sweet Chili Green Beans and Jasmine Rice to eat with both.

You'll be really surprised with my surprise this week. Unless you've been to Thailand (and maybe even if you have), I bet you've never tried this wonderful treat. It's not crickets, I swear! My Chef Roongfah taught me this one and I was really impressed with the idea. Intrigued? Order here.

My daughter and my Chef's daughter selling Lemonade outside my cooking school, S.I.T.C.A. in Koh Samui, 2015. Only 20 baht!

Slight change in delivery for Middleburg. It's been suggested that it might be easier and less crowded to meet in the gravel lot behind the Middleburg Community Center for 4:30 pickup. Hope this works for everyone!

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