Sawasdee Kah, March! Thai Wednesday, March 4th.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Wow...March already? Bring it on! I hope you all liked last week's dinner. Was I right about the taste sensation? Crazy flavors of Thailand. I love it. I hope you did too. Remember when reheating Thai food, it's best done in a hot wok, or pan rather than a microwave. The microwave changes the texture.

This is what partially flavored your soup. These ingredients aren't supposed to be eaten (they're too tough) so I toast them and put them in a cheese cloth bag to simmer in the soup. Flavors the soup and you don't spend half your meal picking this stuff out of your mouth. You're welcome!

Next Wednesday I'll be making BBQ chicken, Thai style, served with jasmine rice.

This is a picture of Chef Roongfah and me in 2014 (only because I can't find a photo of my BBQ Chicken)

Also, to compliment that, I'm going to whip up some Som Tom salad. Maybe you've tried this one? It's a green papaya salad with tomatoes and long beans (the one pictured above has carrots instead of long beans), made with a special mortar and pestle. Contains peanuts and tiny shrimp so let me know if I should leave either of those out for you.

Finally, my surprise dessert (contains gluten). It's a good one I learned at one of my favorite restaurants in Thailand.

Please click here to place your orders by Monday, March 2nd by noon so I can hit the market!

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